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      Jeff Nelson

      Dedicated Domestics

      110 Newport Center Drive, Suite 200

      Newport Beach, CA 92660

    Phone: 949-612-1900

    Fax: 949-612-1998 


      Dedicated Domestics Continues to Grow Using Personalized Service as it Relocates Office to Newport Beach, California 

      Newport Beach, CA – March 1, 2008 – After many years of serving the Orange County community from offices in Costa Mesa, Dedicated Domestics has moved to new offices in Newport Beach.  The decision to relocate will allow Dedicated Domestics to continue to serve Orange County families while moving closer to the Newport Beach clientele that have helped them grow.  The new offices are centrally located across the street from the popular “Fashion Island” center which makes it an ideal location for meetings.  The new location gives Dedicated Domestics the ability to conduct more personal interviews with two private conference rooms at their disposal.  The strength of Dedicated Domestics has come from their insistence on personal face-to-face interviews with every applicant before they are allowed to meet any families.  This personal approach is contrary to the increasing number of agencies making placements through the internet or families hiring blindly from resumes posted online.   

      During a time when many agencies have tried to expand by tapping the growth of the internet and placing caregivers outside of their local counties.  Dedicated Domestics has found a growing audience of families looking for household staff and especially caregivers that are personally selected and pre-screened.  Some agencies now hold interviews online or over the phone which has left many families concerned for their privacy and safety.  In more and more situations the family is the first and possibly only physical contact that some applicants have.  Dedicated Domestics growing popularity has come from a strong web presence which allows applicants to save time by filling out paperwork online, but the final decision to accept an applicant is base on old fashioned personal interviews.   

      Dedicated Domestics examines the original of every required document, as best as possible, to insure that the potential candidate is who they claim to be.  All references that can be reached are contacted to further insure that the candidate has done what they claim to have done.  As an additional security measure Dedicated Domestics does not accept photos posted on the internet or sent to them.  All candidate photos are taken right in the office so a family knows exactly who they are meeting.  While nothing is perfect, the owners of Dedicated Domestics, Eloisa and Jeff Nelson, believe that every possible step should be taken to protect the families and children they care so much about.   “We will not introduce an applicant to any family unless we would feel comfortable hiring them for our own family” the Nelsons emphasize.     

      Dedicated Domestics is a modern well established agency with old fashioned ethics and family values.  The agency is owned by Eloisa Nelson who has 14 years of placement and previous nanny experience and Jeff Nelson who has over 27 years of executive management skills.  Dedicated Domestics is a local Orange County business that is family owned and operated.  They also operate: “Dedicated CPR” for Red Cross certified CPR and First Aid Instruction and “Dedicated Nannies” which specializes in the placement of Nannies and Babysitters.   


      The new address is: 110 Newport Center Drive, Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660

      Phone: 949-612-1900

      Fax: 949-612-1998 


      For more information please visit:



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       If you would like more information about this agency, or to schedule an interview with Jeff and Eloisa Nelson, please call: 949-612-1900 or email:   


    Jeff Nelson
    Dedicated Domestics
    950 South Coast Drive, Suite 100
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Phone: 714-557-2160
    Fax: 714-557-2173

    Highly acclaimed domestics agency opens its CPR and First Aid classes to the community

    Costa Mesa, CA – March 1, 2007 – If you have not already decided to take a CPR class you should contact the people at Dedicated CPR who can rattle off many excellent reasons why you need to take a course. The CPR and First Aid classes they provide are both informative and could help you save the life of a family member, close friend or even a stranger. Accidents and emergencies can happen at anytime and anywhere which is why every parent, teacher, coach, nanny, companion and really everyone should take a current CPR and First Aid class.

    The CPR and First Aid classes had originally been offered to only the caregivers hired through one of Orange County’s largest and most respected domestic placement agencies, Dedicated Domestics. The agency had been giving the classes to its child and elder care providers as they were placed. Many families who hired nannies, baby sitters and caregivers recognizing the value of the life saving skills of CPR have inquired about making classes available to them. In response to the growing demand, Dedicated Domestics now offers this specialized training through its Dedicated CPR department which is now open to the Orange County community.

    Before you invest in taking CPR classes you should check the services and prices offered by Dedicated CPR. The classes are taught by an American Red Cross Certified instructor and are offered weekly at the Dedicated Domestics main offices in Costa Mesa. Dedicated CPR offers the most popular classes in First Aid and adult, child and infant CPR. All class sizes are strictly limited so if you are thinking about taking a class, plan ahead and call early for a reservation.

    What makes Dedicated CPR stand out from the crowd is their dedication to providing the most up to date information, training and techniques as instructed by the American Red Cross. The fee paid includes an informative workbook and students who satisfactorily complete an approved training course will be registered with and receive a wallet size certification card from the American Red Cross.

    According to the American Red Cross, students who have completed a training class begin to forget some of the life saving techniques after only six months, which is why they recommend updating your certification once a year. Whether you need to be recertified or you are taking the class for the first time, Dedicated CPR can train you to have the confidence to do the right thing when needed. Be prepared; enroll in a class now.

    Dedicated Domestics and Dedicated CPR are local Orange County businesses that are family owned and operated.

    For information:
    Phone: 888-978-5558

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