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    Dedicated Nannies is the Nanny placement division of Dedicated Domestics

    Do-It-Yourself Sceening ServicesWith more than 14 years of experience, we at Dedicated Nannies and Dedicated Domestics look forward to providing you and your family with the excellent personalized service that we know you deserve. We are dedicated to helping families find the support, discretion and peace of mind that a professional household staff can supply.

    Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and as the family unit has changed over the past decade so have the needs of each family. Sometimes the overwhelming pressures that are placed on the average household can be very daunting. Many families with both parents working still want and need to take care of aging parents, young children or both. And with the time and travel requirements of many careers today, sometimes the care is for you. What ever the need, at Dedicated Nannies we are here to help you find the professional domestic staff that is right for you.

    Professional help can be in the form of a housekeeper to save busy couples time for each other or a chef to have dinner ready and waiting. Sometimes the need is for a Nanny to help maintain and promote the physical, emotional and social development of the children in the family. Other times the family may need the support of a professional caregiver or companion to look after an aging or infirmed member of the family. We understand that your needs are unique which is why our placement counselors are equally good at listening to your needs as they are at advising you of how we may be able to assist you.
    We will walk you through the whole process to make your life as easy as possible. We do the recruiting, initial interviewing, fingerprinting, reference and background checking for you, so finding someone that is right for your families needs does not become another pressure. With our ever-expanding group of quality professionals we can tailor a solution to fit most budgets.

Dedicated Nannies is the premier Nanny Agency in Orange County California.  We have achieved a high level of success through our personal prescreening of candidates.  Only the best of the best are introduced to our families.  We personally meet and interview every applicant and contact the references of each.  Whether you are looking for Professional Nanny Services, a Baby Sitter or a Housekeeper we have the most qualified candidates registered with us.  If you are looking for a Nanny Job or you need employment as an Eldercare Companion you will find many of the finest families in Orange County utilize our services.   Because we treat all of our families and candidates with respect we have a very high level of referrals.  We honestly listen to the needs of each candidate and carefully match them to the needs of each family.  We have found that the better the match the longer the families and candidates stay together.  At Dedicated Nannies we have the experience and expertise to fulfill all of your domestic needs.  Dedicated Nannies specializes in placing Babysitters, Newborn Specialists, Twin Specialists, Mothers Helpers and of course Nannies in Orange County California.