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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use Dedicated Nannies agency?
  • Our agency can provide you with peace of mind. We personally pre-screen all of our candidates and
    provide you with resumes and photographs.  No "Internet Only Option".  All candidates are personally
    interviewed at our office.  
  • You save the time and energy of having to sort through resumes looking for relevant information.
  • You save time answering phone calls at all hours, in response to ads.
  • You save the cost of advertising and tracking multiple invoices from each paper.
  • Your safety is preserved by not having to open your home to meet with complete strangers. Our office is
    available for you to conduct private in-person interviews or we can send the
    pre-screened candidates to
    your home or office.  When possible, we suggest the first interview be held at our office.
  • We will take care of every last detail for you from the moment you call us requesting information until
    your placement is finalized.
  • Dedicated Domestics also offers you a replacement guarantee in the event that your original hire does
    not work out.
  • We are also here as your domestic resource, so our relationship does not have to end once you have
    hired. We are here to answer any of your questions regarding the domestic field.

  • How does Dedicated Nannies screen its candidates?

  • The screening process begins the moment the candidate comes through the door. All candidates must
    apply in person and are required to fill out a detailed four page application. We will interview the
    candidate in-person. Before a candidate can begin a new job the following requirements will be
  • TB Test
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • DMV Report
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Reference Verification
  • Fingerprinting and Photo
  • Copies of Licenses and ID’s
  • Are Dedicated Nannies caregivers CPR and First Aid certified?

    Dedicated Nannies makes sure every nanny (infant/child) and caregiver (adult) has the
    appropriate certification before their start date.
  • Does Dedicated Nannies provide me with a criminal background check?

    Yes. Upon hiring a candidate you will receive a State wide criminal background check prepared by an
    independent professional information agency and when applicable a current DMV report will also be
    provided.  We will also provide you with copies of the candidates fingerprints, a resume with photo and
    copies of all other pertinent documents.  
  • What is the Trustline Registry?

    Trustline was created by the California legislature to offer parents, employment agencies, child care
    provider’s and child care resource and referral programs access to a background check conducted by
    the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). This includes checks of the Criminal History
    system and Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) at the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and a check
    of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) records. The Trustline Registry is maintained by CDSS.  As a
    Dedicated Nannies will provide all families hiring nannies with the proper forms and
    instructions for registering their newly hired nanny with the Trustline Registry (additional fee required
    and paid directly to CDSS). Trustline takes about 4 to 8 weeks for results.
  • How do I start the process with Dedicated Nannies ?

    The first step is as easy as calling one of our experienced placement counselors. We will walk you
    through every step of the process to see that all of your needs are met. We will ask you about what your
    family needs so we can determine the type of help that will be best suited for your specific situation. We
    will be introducing you to several candidates that have been pre-screened to fit your criteria. The
    interviews can take place by appointment at our office in a private conference room or in your home or
    place of business. Next, you will be provided with an interview package including the candidate’s resume
    with photo, letters of recommendation, and a questionnaire to help guide your interview. When you
    select a candidate that you like you can make an offer or we will help you with the process. Salary
    negotiations should be done directly with the candidate since it is ultimately up to the candidate to
    accept a specific salary for a job. Next, once you have selected the candidate, made the job offer and
    taken care of the Agency referral fee, we will arrange for the background checks through an
    independent information agency. You will then be given all the reports and any other applicable
    paperwork. Lastly, you can set up a start date for the candidate to begin.
  • How do your services and fees compare with other agencies?

    There are no fees for our initial consultation. We want to learn more about your needs so we can let you know how we can help you.

    Most agency fees in Southern California are based on one month (which is approximately 8.3%) to 18% of the employee's gross annual salary. Dedicated Nannies and Dedicated Domestics fees are very competitive and based on the service and needs of our clients.

    For your convenience, Dedicated Nannies offers three select packages designed to meet the needs and budgets of all our families.

    Call us now for more information about our services and fees. Call 949-612-1900. You will be glad you did.

  • I have a special needs child. Does Dedicated Nannies have candidates that can fit my

    Yes. We have candidates with a broad range of experiences to fit the needs of all our families.
  • Is Dedicated Nannies licensed and bonded?

    California law does not require referral agencies to have any special license other than a business
    license. Our business license is clearly posted on the wall of our offices. Only employees working for an
    agency can and should be bonded. Do not be misled by agency advertising claims, referrals do not work for an agency and therefore can not be bonded by the agency.  If you are paying a Baby Sitters salary directly to an agency each day or week you should ask for a copy of the agency bonding insurance for their Sitters.
  • What is the range of salaries?

    This is the most frequent and always the hardest question to answer, since the range of salary varies so
    greatly with the level of experience, requirements of the position and the hours needed.  Nannies and
    Caregivers with advanced degrees, licenses and specialty training will almost always command a higher
    salary.  Whereas, if your needs are limited you can sometimes find someone in the lower range of
    salaries.  Listed below is just an approximate sample of what you might expect for some popular full time  
    (40 Hours per week) live-out positions:

    Nannies:                $500 to  $  800*
    Mothers Helpers:   $500 to  $  600*   Requires a parents supervision at all times.
    Housekeepers:      $500 to  $  800*
    Elder Caregiver:    $500 to  $  800*

Nannies, Housekeepers and Caregivers looking for part time positions will usually charge $12.00 to $25.00 per hour.  With the current high cost of transportation, most candidates will require either a 4 hour or $80.00 minimum per day (whichever is higher).

    *Nannies with college degrees who are required to help with homework or tutoring may be somewhat higher than the above salaries.  Please call us for specifics so we can help you better plan for what you need.

In addition to the basic salaries above the following items are generally considered standard:

•  Paid Vacation is usually 1-2 weeks at the end of the first year. We usually advise scheduling your employee’s vacation when the family takes theirs, so you are not paying for time when they are not needed.
•  Major Holidays: usually the 6 major holidays are given off with pay.
•  Mileage allowances are also given to employee’s who use their own vehicles for running errands.

Compensation is also not just limited to salary and basics but some employees ask for and receive some or all of the following:

•  Health insurance is becoming more important and helping the family employee stay healthy can
benefit everyone. Generally a 50% contribution is made by the family.
•  Use of a car, cell phone or night classes are sometimes negotiated depending on the job
requirements and length of service.
  • What type of work schedule is customary?

    Schedules are even more varied than the salaries. It is best to have a clear understanding with your new
    employee by setting up a written agreement listing details of the job, the hours and days required. Or if
    the schedule needs to be flexible, list the minimum and maximum time that the candidate can expect.
    The more you can communicate in advance as to what is expected the better.
  • I am a caregiver and would like to apply.  What are your requirements at Dedicated Nannies?
  • You must have a minimum of two years of experience in the field you are applying for.
  • You must be fluent or able to communicate well in English.
  • You must have at least two verifiable work references.
  • You must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US.
  • You must have a valid Social Security card.
  • You must be honest, responsible and reliable.
  • If driving is involved: you must have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record.

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If you have any questions that we did not answer here, please call us and we will be happy to provide you with excellent service.

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