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    As a local family run agency we work hard to provide our clients with excellent personalized service and choices, even if that means choosing not to use our personal services.  We care about the families we live and work with everyday and want to provide the right choices for your needs.  With the internet making it easier to connect with sitters and nannies, safety has become a growing concern.   Some internet sites are now offering low or no cost background checks to try to ease family concerns.  The problem is all of the background checks are done over the “anonymous internet”.  The first personal contact that many online applicants have is when they meet with the family that interviews them.  Some online sites even claim their candidates are all prescreened like a local agency, but if you read further, you find that their definition of screening is just having the applicant fill out an online application. 

    With over 12 years of experience, the Dedicated Domestics Group of agencies have been trusted by safety conscious Orange County families to provide individual personalized service.  For our clients security all applicants go through a very strict professional screening process and every candidate must personally meet with us before being introduced to any family.  Over the years many families have come to us asking if we could “check-out” nannies, babysitters or other in-home domestic help that they hired or wanted to hire.  Sometimes the family met the applicants on their own and sometimes they hired through other agencies that they did not feel as comfortable with.  While we have always accommodated the needs of local families, we want to make it even easier for both the families and the candidates.  We want to help you, our neighbors, friends and local families by offering our support services to ease your hiring decisions.  

    We are now making available the same professional screening and background checks to all local Orange County families.  We will personally meet for a face-to-face interview and run the same series of background checks that we do for our own candidates.  We have simplified the process by offering  affordable packages and separated some common services so you can save money if you do not feel you need the whole package. 

    Put our safety and support services to work for you now.  For more information including pricing, please complete the form below.  No sales person will call from this inquiry.  We will only call you if you decide to use our support service or you request more information.  No pressure, just safety. 


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