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    Family Testimonials

    Here’s what other families are saying about their experiences at Dedicated Domestics:

    "It’s been about 5 months with our nanny that you introduced to my family. I just want to thank you so much. Katarina is working out really well. Our family, especially my two kids, just adore her. She is by far the Kindest and Sweetest nanny that we have had. I am hoping we will not need your services in the future, but if we do... I will definitely call you."                                                                                        

    E.Y. - Anaheim Hills, CA

    "Thanks so much for the copies of everything. Natalia is set up to start tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. Thanks so much for all that you have done. As I think I told you, I worked with two other agencies before finding you, and I am so glad I did find you. You have been very professional and efficient; and you sent us Natalia who is a perfect match for us. I will refer to any and all of my friends."

    C.W. – Aliso Viejo, CA

    "We REALLY appreciate all that you have done to help us out and find a nanny. Thank you for your hard work and willingness to help us out in this tough/unique situation. We are looking forward to having Nubia in our home."                                                                                                                              

    R.W. – Mission Viejo, CA

    "As a first time mother and a first-time employer, I approached the process of selecting a nanny for my son with a great amount of fear and concern. Jeff and Eloisa helped me to feel comfortable about the hiring process and the individual we ultimately selected. During the hiring process, I was most grateful for their level of expertise and professionalism in identifying top candidates for our position. When I interviewed potential nannies, I found that I had the opportunity to choose from two or three qualified individuals who had a great deal of experience with infants and young babies. I also appreciated their assistance in providing a thorough background investigation of their candidates to ensure that the candidates are safe and can be trusted to care for my child."                                                              

    C.D. – Brea, CA

    "Thank you for your help in finding a nanny for our family. She has been doing a great job."

    K.H. – Yorba Linda, CA  










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